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Twice baked-SQ1
Twice baked-title


A reunion romance where Cook vs Chef…and the bedroom gets hotter than the kitchen.

Connor Brennan, Bad Boy turned Pastry Chef.
First crush, first kiss, first love.  The boy who ruined her reputation and crashed his future, before ghosting her when she needed him most.

Isla Fraser, Cook and Divorced Single Mom.
High school sweetheart. The good girl who defied her parents to date him, then married his best friend. Her betrayal broke him.

The Chef and the Cook.
Paired on a Reality TV Bake-Off, their chemistry still smokes. But when Isla confesses the secret she’s kept from him, will Connor burn their second chance?

Connor’s eyes narrowed to amber and black. No twitch of mischief to his mouth to suggest this was a game. He stalked toward her, biceps bunching and fists clenched, menace in every line of his six-foot-two frame; the size he’d curved as a shield around her when they’d made love, now a weapon. 

This was how other people saw him. Big, bad, and hard: a wolf in chef’s clothing. Isla’s heartbeat clattered faster than castanets. The adrenaline chasing through her blood made her dizzy and light-headed, switching off her ability to reason. Her knees refused to lock, her bones and joints so soft with desire that without the counter behind her, she’d fall to his feet. Had she ever been this turned on so fast or so fully?

He prowled closer, a flare to his nostrils as he eyed the line of her throat. The pulse there leapt when he cornered her, a fluttering line of weakness that betrayed her excitement.
Dangerous. Unredeemable. Unreliable.

Forced to fake a relationship, they must pit their hearts against their careers. 

Ria DeLorenzo is a damn good doctor. Or was. Burnt out before she’s begun, a three-month paid vacation as the medical consultant to a reality TV show is just what she needs to recover her mojo. 

Cancer survivor and headline grabber Griffin Stromberg is desperate to reboot his ultra-macho image. Typecast by years of fame, showcasing his softer side with a picture-perfect relationship should do the trick. Until Ria breaches show protocol and gets Griff’s fake girlfriend disqualified. 

Now Ria’s only hope of clocking out of reality is to check in to a fantasy by becoming his new partner. Griff, however, wants their relationship to be the real deal, not one of his infamous life-hacks. 

Can a man renowned for taking shortcuts prove he’s ready to commit to a forever relationship? Or will reality bite once filming is over? 

“Griff kissed like a dream. A really naughty, slip-her-hands-between-her-legs dream. Only there were no hands, save hers shifting to fist his shirt. His didn’t move. No matter how she wriggled, he kept everything strictly by mouth. Practiced and possessive, his tongue unhooked her brain from her surroundings. Focus on me, it insisted. Focus on this, here, now.”

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